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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my New Zealand Digital passport rejected by the DIA for being the incorrect file size / aspect ratio?
Ensure that you used the "New Zealand Passport (Online Application)" Template, these will save files of the correct size - you can check your original it should end with the name...1800x2400.jpg, if it ends with 35x45 you have used the wrong template.
another reason is that a customer may have forwarded their image via email, and that email program resized it.

Why was my UK printed passport rejected by NZ post?
Some NZ post shops insist that the cut passports are 35mmx45mm, IDphotos template prints at 36mmx46mm to ensure that when passports are cut there are no white edges showing. Simply trim your photos to the 35x45mm size and re-submit, alternatively you can edit the template to have no 1mm margin.. (Click SETTINGS--LAYOUT--select the template you want to modify, then click EDIT, and " MARGIN FOR CUTTING" you can set this to zero) Be aware this will affect this template for ALL passports that use it.

How do I renew my annual Upgrades Subscription?
more details are on this link: Subscription Renewal

How do I turn on Automatic updates?
Click on SETTINGS (screwdriver and spanner Icon), then select ADMINISTRATION. under "Updates and Tchnical support" click the check box. and restart the software.

How do I turn off the Deactivate icon?
Click on SETTINGS (screwdriver and spanner Icon), then select USER INTERFACE. untick the box with the lock that says "Deactivate". (this is available in version 6 only)


ID Photo Archive

Now with built-in Photo Archive functionality, all your photos can be archived and you can reprint them whenever you need. How to start? Just enable Photo Archive and work as usual - that's all. Then you can enjoy the archive, functioning like an automatic backup of your work where you can easily search and reload customer photos from it.

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How to use Photo Archiving

Export, Burn and E-mail

This video goes through how to use the features:

  • Export Passport Photo to a USB Flash Drive
  • Burning a CD
  • Emailing a Passport
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Burn, Email and Save to USB

Digital editing: The re-touch Function

Editing passports is prohibited in some countries, the re-touch feature is designed to for editing non-passport photos.

This video also covers some of the basic colour adjustment processes. some usefull tips are

  • Gamma is easiest to use when adjusting exposure
  • If your image has a tinge of a colour adjust it by sliding that colours slider to the opposite side, usually around 15-25 points should do it
  • For example if your photo has a yellowish tinge, slide the slider towards the blue.
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Re-touch / Edit image

Calibrating your printer

One of the great features of IDphotos Pro is the ability to set your printer calibration up once and save the settings, so that all Passports will be automatically adjusted to fit your printers unique colour settings.

Before you start:
  • Ensure your printer is set-up in Windows
  • You have loaded any ICC profiles you require
  • Your printer is setup in ID photos
We reccomend that you view your test prints in direct sunlight so that the colours are not affected by shop lighting.

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Calibrating the printer